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Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Blink When I Sit In An English Presentation

There would be times when you might have wondered why connoisseurs of English language and philosophers use unfamiliar and esoteric vocabulary mostly in writing. Adding to this, you might have criticized your friends for doing so if they had used such vocabulary for writing. One must understand that, they do so not as an endeavor to create an air of pride around them, but they are more specific in using the language in a particular situation than others do. They deserve appreciation. Now think why an expert or a master of English uses such vocabulary? Why did I say they are more specific in expressing their ideas according to a particular situation? Now let me say you something useful. Vocabulary is inevitable in any profession. One of the most essential points to be kept in mind is, the more words you learn, the more you can be accurate in expressing your ideas. More words will give you confidence to face a large number of gatherings and creates a good image of yours among your audience.

Everything okay, dude! ‘Why such unfamiliar words, provided you have thousands of commonly used words?’ would be your question. While using words, you should remember some constraints and if you do not abide by such constraints then you may sound odd spoiling your reputation. A simple illustration will make the idea clear. Let us say, you are talking about, “following rules” in a meeting. If the meeting is in a school, you may use the words, “indiscipline”, “obey”. If the meeting is between judges, you should use, “violation”. If you talk with software engineers, you need to say, “Security breach”. You cannot use words interchangeably. Doing so would change the face reaction of your listeners in the negative sense. Similarly, when you talk about “thinking an entity in more than one ways”, usage of “perspectives” sounds better than “angles”. This is the reason why I emphasize in enhancing your vocabulary, which if mastered can do wonders!
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