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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Why I Always Ask You To Write Down

Humans are the only species, who can express what they want to, clearly through words. They have the ability to use a standard language for communication among them. These are well-known facts. Further, the communication could be in oral or written forms (Written form only for literate!). Obviously, we efficiently harness one of our abilities, the oral communication. What about the second one? Do you think you habitually write? If your response is positive, then applause! Else, I say, you have kept your precious ability trashed with no use for anyone, these days. Am I sounding ludicrous? Absolutely not! A series of questions might surround you now. Why should I write? What should I write? What I get from writing? Go ahead reading!!!

Supposing, you are visiting a scholar’s house and, you happen to be lured by a beautiful quote written on the wall. You would try to memorize that and would succeed in third or fourth attempt. After a week, suppose, you are asked to write an essay by your class teacher, say, you are a student, and fortunately, if it seems that the quote which you saw in the scholar’s house would best decorate the essay, I am sure, you would hit your head several times to retrieve the quote from your mind’s database, but it might result in vain. This happens since humans are liable to forgetfulness. What If you had written it in a notebook for your reference? You would not have struggled. It is really a good habit to write down what you know, what you see, what you learn, so that it will buttress your future activities.

Let’s elevate our example to an enterprise level. In an enterprise, you will be able to learn a lot practically from old documents of the enterprise, your colleagues and from your own curiosity of analyzing things deeper. In addition to this, you might have some unique talents in yourself that the rest may not possess. Every successful product of the enterprise, in which your contribution contributes the major part of the product, will reflect your interest and attitude towards your work and your unique way of handling things. Supposing, one day, you confront a problem, whose consequences are severe to an extent that you need to quit the company. Its impact would definitely shake an area of reasonable size in your company. Think of the loss in knowledge pool of the company. Your gigantic knowledge bids adieu to the company. Isn’t this a sign of ingratitude? You could have overcome this, if you had documented everything. I do not insist you to document by scheduling time for that. Just a few lines about what you had learnt periodically in leisure hours would add up to a big document, no matter even if it is informal. Expressing your ideas in black and white will also keep your reputation alive even after you depart the company.

If you are a student, documenting would drag you to a situation in which you need to search for appropriate words that suits the purpose of your document, which would result in widening your vocabulary. Writing down your ideas has innumerable number of merits than you actually are aware of. Hello! Get up! Search for a notebook and a pen!
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