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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Be Responsive, Be On Top!

Here, I am going to explore a new perspective that, like the 'balance' factor I told you before, would help you to take right decisions, or to arrive at a satisfied answer. Let's start with what we are familiar with. You might be receiving a number of forward messages in your inbox; sometimes even you get frustrated because of that. Among those messages, at least one third of the messages would be based on inducing one's feeling to get success. It might say, "Sleepless nights would bring a colorful life" or, "Do not worry about others critics!" or, similar statements. Even you yourself might have typed a new one to send it to your pals. Have you ever thought of following that in reality? Maybe one among a hundred would do (If you are in this category, then fine dude!) Do you know the reason? Because many of us do not wish to take risks or come out of our comfort zones. We all are liable to mistake and fail. None can deny this. But, you are not realizing that you are slowly been made a scapegoat of cowardliness. Cowards do not fit any respectful society. Okay, Let me come to the point for what I was saying this illustration. Even an atomic point would lead to a titanic progress, like this simple SMS statements do.

Supposing your friend gets trapped in a big problem. He asks for your aid to tackle the problem. Even if you reiterate a sequence of statements to solve the problem, it would fall on deaf ears. He/She would be in a confused state and would follow what his or her mind say and not yours (In this, if you and your friend are exceptional, then applause!!). You would know that if he or she takes your path, he or she can easily get rid of the problem but, the victim's perception would probably block your words dude! Here also the same simple statements by an experienced, if followed, would get you through.

Now, the relationship between what we are talking about and the title of this article is beginning to blossom. In your friend's case, you might have arrived at a conclusion, if he or she had listened to you; damn sure, he or she wouldn't have become a victim. So, when you come across a problem, maybe for you or someone related to you, think of the simple points reiterated by an experienced hand. The white-haired had always had something to say you, which you would have thrown into your mind's trash. They had to experience the same agony that you experienced when your friends trashed your essence of problem-solving assertions, whenever you neglect them. Compare your attitude, when you were a problem solver, with the experienced, who reiterate simple points which would seem to be meaningless for you or an entity creating boredom. These damn statements are really going to lift you up! Let it be small tips written in a book, absorb it and analyze its meaning deeply. Never ever ignore anybody’s views. It will uproot your ignorance.

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