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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Know The Importance Of 'Balance' Factor

The title seems to be odd. Isn't it? Yes! This article is about the one and only word 'balance' and its role in your life, career and everything. Before thinking me as a crazy fellow, go ahead reading this piece. Right from childhood, a man is surrounded by lot of problems. It is mandatory to confront them since hardly he can escape. Well, what is the relationship between life and this 'balance' factor? There is no such relationship, but if you acquire this factor in you, you could be able to tackle your problems easily. Balancing is the way of having both the optimistic and pessimistic attitudes; not being at either of the extremes at any instance.
To make it clear let me explain you with some examples. Take a professional working in an organization. If he acts with his family, in the same manner as he does with his employees in his workplace, think of the family’s condition. So, decision should be dynamic based on the situation and not on any defined set of rules. A 'balance' need to be maintained between the two different entities called, 'family' and 'profession'.

I will explain you with one simpler example. Say, your boss compels you to attend a meeting on a Saturday. Unfortunately, you need to be in your home on that day for your personal commitment. What will you do? Will you drop your personal work for the meeting? Or will you ignore the meeting for your personal happiness? In this imbroglio, your decision should not be based on completing one complete task of the two, but should be based on satisfying both the sides. One choice is to attend the meeting and at the same time, the day before that, sit with your family members to placate them for not spending time with them. Your lovable talk should erase the hard feelings developed in them as you’ve not going to spend time with them as planned. Secondly, if the meeting is a commonly held one and is of less importance, you may explain your situation to your boss to get his nod to leave the office happily; thereby getting the double benefit of not hurting both the sides. You should maintain a balance between the two. Both, your family and your boss should not be disappointed by your decision.
Elevating the concept to the management level, a good management strategy should be dynamic. It should not adhere to some defined set of rules for management. What I want to emphasize is that, you have to deal differently to different persons accordingly to achieve progress. Suppose you have 100 employees under you. Among them, 20 are Indians, 30 are Japanese, and 50 are Americans. Is it intellectual to strictly adhere to defined rules and handle all of them in a similar way? Certainly not!! Say for example, Indians are emotional. To make an Indian work, you need to go to him and enquire about his family and get close with him. Talk about their family’s vacation plan, their children and their education rather than just talking about production and marketing. Companies which consider their employees' personal commitments will definitely prosper.

Well, now let us remove the management hat and come to a layman's view. You must be able to deal accordingly to different persons. It not only provides success, but also helps in tackling problems easily. Be a good listener, analyze things and maintain balance. Love everyone in this earth. After all, this is the only life we have. There is no substitute for, responding to a person with a charming face, uttering pleasant words. Love is the only management strategy which cannot be won by any other strategy. The more hearts you conquer, the more you are moving forward in your life!!!

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